Gardenia & Cedarwood Candle

Gardenia & Cedarwood Candle

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The Scent

Floral, lush and smooth: a modern white bouquet blended with tropical greens, musk, a veil of coconut milk and sweet smoke.

This unique scent of fresh petals, resins and embers will take you on an aromatic retreat.

Fragrance Notes

Top: Jasmine, White Grapefruit

Heart: Gardenia, Rosewater, Coconut Milk

Base: Cedarwood, Musk, Bourbon Vanilla

A signature artisan candles, based in an all-natural soy wax blend, are hand-poured in New York by Joya, and beautifully packaged and presented in an opalescent glass jar.

Size: 190g 6.7oz

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